Discrepancies in tabs data of the same song


I was searching through unusual chord progressions through API and found that chord progression of “4, 77, 3, 6” exist for one song in the database through this json response:

[{“artist”: “Hyadain–Sasaki Sayaka”, “song”: “ZZZ------Nichijou-ED-3”, “section”: “Intro”, “url”: “http://www.hooktheory.com/theorytab/view/hyadain--sasaki-sayaka/zzz------nichijou-ed-3#intro”}]

When I clicked on the url provided, however, “4, 77, 3, 6” chord progression does not exist in this tab of the song.

I did some more digging and searched a song by chord progression on the “trends” page (https://www.hooktheory.com/trends) by clicking “viiø7” -> “iii” -> “VI” I found out the chord progression is encoded differently in the tab of this same song on the web interface (https://www.hooktheory.com/trends#node=

In other words, there are two different tabs for the song “ZZZ------Nichijou-ED-3 by Hyadain–Sasaki Sayaka”: one accessed through API, and one accessed through interactive web version.

I am using HookTheory API for research purposes, so such discrepancy is quite concerning. Are chord progressions not updated in API version?