Difficulty after update moving/shortening notes & chords

I got Hookpad several days ago and I love it so much! I spent hours playing around and found it made composing music and working with theory so much easier and more fun than I’d ever found it before.

After the update, I’ve found it tricky to do a few things that I’d been able to before. I’m not certain if it’s the update or if I’ve forgotten how to navigate but the timing seems to correlate, so checking. I also have experienced the post-export issue I see in another thread, so it seems plausible.

Now when I try to drag a note or a chord, I seem unable to have the same flexibility as I did previously. I can change the duration of a chord, but it shifts all the adjacent chords along with it. I can’t merely shorten a chord to be part of a measure with gaps between. (Handy to have those if I want a rest or if I want to then insert another chord in between two already placed chords.) I also seem unable now to drag a chord or note from one measure to another one. I can only drag chords to change their duration (extending it into another measure this way, but then I can’t seem to drag the end point fully out of its starting measure) or notes to another note (but not to another placement in the measure or another measure).

If there are any tips on these things, I’d love to know, because I was really excited to keep working with this program! Thanks!!

Hi, I think you accidentally hit the “M” key on your keyboard. This sets the entry mode to “Text” instead of “Table”. The text mode works more like in a text editor where you can insert letters in-between words and other letters and everything shifts to the right.
You can check the entry mode in the preferences or just press “M” again.

Please let me know if this helped.


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Yeah, since this setting is in the preferences menu it’s not obvious if it gets toggled using a keyboard shortcut. We should consider making this shortcut harder to press.


Thank you! I think I had toggled that setting on accidentally. I believe this helped with the issue. Much appreciated for pointing this out! That was super helpful.