Delete a TheoryTab

I accidentally mixed up the Artist & Title for this one. Please delete it.

Send them a message on facebook that’s something like this:

I’d like to delete this theorytab

Then wait a few hours or days and they should change it

If they don’t change it within 1 week (or however long you give them) then say something like ‘Could you delete it please’

I don’t have a Facebook, so if that’s the only way they’ll respond to requests like this the that’s extremely short-sighted.

@YugGuy then make one

Or if you’re like me and don’t want to, you can use your brother’s (or any other family member’s) Facebook account instead

Just tell them that you’re YugGuy but you’re using your brother’s account because you don’t have your own Facebook account

no need to use facebook. Honestly it’s probably easier to just post here (the facebook directive should probably be changed)


@dave So can you delete it for him

My hookpad isnt syncing with my theory tab insted of posting 8 bars it posts a singular note. Its ‘Depth’ by Lishutt. to find it you need ot browse artists first

I want to delete a TheoryTab but I don’t know how to delete it myself. I made a lot of mistakes on here and plan on redoing it.