Degree Colors 2 and 3 are Indistiguishable

Beginning with Hookpad, and the HookTheory Books, I’m loving the idea of the degree colors, but visually I find that Degree Colors 2 and 3 are effectively indistiguishable.

I find that this is substantially defeating of what is otherwise a brilliant design where hovering over a chord highlights the compatible degrees, and where the colors of degrees can act as perceptual cues to internalizing their relative sound.

If you find it is not possible to create 7 default colors that are truly distinguishable (to anyone with approximately “normal” color vision), then please make the 7 colors settable by users so that we can set them distinctly and thus gain the benefits which accrue from clearly distinguishing them.


Hookpad - Colors 2 and 3 Indistiguishable 01

Thanks for the feedback,

We’ve tried to make the colors as distinguishable as possible, but we also recognize that the experience of perceiving color is subjective, and what works for one person may not work for another. We could possibly consider having a setting with different variations of our color scheme.

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Thanks for your reply and for considering this. I really do think it would be a valuable and important improvement.

FWIW, I would suggest implementing a small number of default palettes, in the hope of providing several “standard” references that together would hopefully meet almost all needs in a few commom ways, along with a custom palette that would allow for any user with more unique needs to set up personal colors that would work specifically for them (at the cost, so to speak, of being “non-standard”).

Basically, I’m suggesting that everyone’s visual needs could be met, one way or another. That’s the power of software!


Also, being able to load the ‘Custom’ palette with any of the (however many) standard palettes as a starting point, after which hue and saturation could be adjusted to perfection would be great!

Re: Hookpad 2.21.1 Nice work with adding Dark Mode!

I wouldn’t say it is an absolute 100% solving of the issue discussed here, but it certainly offers a very useful alternative which IMO is a definite mitigation. Thank you very much for that!

If at some future point additional cycles can be spared towards the issue of color, then additional forms of beneficial control I think could include:

  1. User custom palettes for colors 1 thru 7. (i.e. hue)

  2. User control choice of saturation and brightness for a) the default rainbow background, b) the pop-up chord degree colors, c) melody notes

Of these, #2 would be less perturbing of what you’ve got going on already, and probably easier to implement as well (I’m guessing!).

Happy New Year, and thanks again for Hookpad 2.21.1 and the Dark Mode!