Default piano mixing levels

Putting this here in case anyone needs finer control over the piano mix, as Hookpad is increasingly used like a DAW rather than just an analysis tool. Tested on 2.12.5.

Provided all tracks have the same volume (both the band and the global mixer),

  • “(Lead) Piano” on a melody track is 6.547 dB above “Piano Dotted” on a bass track (212.5% gain). This includes “Lead Piano Legato Bass”.
  • Weak beats on “Piano Dotted” are 6.021 dB below the strong beats (50% gain).
  • “Piano Sustain” on a bass track is 1.938 dB below “Piano Dotted” (80% gain).
  • The strong / moderate / weak beats on “Piano Right Hand 1/4s” are 1.938 / 5.193 / 7.959 dB below the strong beats on “Piano Dotted” (80% / 55% / 40% gain). On 6/4, 9/4, or 12/4, the weak beats become 10.458 dB instead (30% gain).

Together, the relative volume levels look like this: (units in dB, note that volume levels are linear in Hookpad 2)

A bunch of piano instruments on the harmony track use an older set of samples, most notably “Piano” and “Piano Full Chords”, so their mixing levels have not been determined.

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