Default Hooktheory Piano Melody got quieter after 2.29

Is it supposed to be this quiet for the default setting? Now it sounds filtered accompanying the chords despite being at the same volume compared to before.

Same. I have some mixes I once thought sounded pretty good for demos, but they no longer sound so great. The levels all seem different, not just the piano, and I have to turn the compressor up about 10 units to get a similar amount indicated on the meter as before. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get a comparable sound to what I had. As you said, it sound filtered now somehow.

I do appreciate the improvements to the mixer and the new instruments though! I’m always happy to see progress, even if it requires breaking changes.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

When introducing the panner node, it somehow only used one channel as input. I’m not sure, if it combined both channels or if it just used the left channel but as a result all instruments were played in mono.

I was able to fix that. It will all sound like normal again after the next update. Until then, please don’t destroy your perfectly balanced mixes from before.

Regards and sorry for the hick-up in our playback engine!