D/B is not a chord?

Am I doing something wrong?


This appears to have been fixed in 2.30.1
I searched for the wrong chord because I was sleepy. Sorry. The issue remains.

It’s strange that D/B doesn’t appear in the search, but try using bm7, it’s equivalent to D with B in the bass.

while true the bm7 is an enharmonic, if i were playing this on my guitar (as say a chromatic descending bass) then i would want the D chord while my pinky (etc) works down the bass line, so a D / B would definitely be different than a bm7 :slight_smile: even if they’re effectively all the same notes, just a different sound…

so what i do now, is just have the chord D (and where it does work as an inversion) and then add a voice to do the bass note using the same instrument where needed.

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What fossile described is my usecase. It’s a different notation/mental space than Bm7.

Unfortunately slash chords implementation is still lacking from HookPad. There are workarounds in some cases, but these are always subject to the limitations of traditional functional harmony.

I’ll use this reply to - once again - ask the devs to think outside of this old box and come up with a way to use slash chords directly in HookPad. They are such a core aspect of modern popular music that it makes no sense not to be able to use them when we write songs using HP.