Crush has way too much extraneous noise

I’m generally a fan of your work, and I get the ‘Candy’ gag here. That’s all fine, but when I get the main page, you play a ditty. Then in middle of a lesson there is another ditty… for no reason I can think of.

I don’t mind the cutesy theming in general, because it doesn’t interfere with the functional tool, but those sounds are so off putting that I didn’t just buy the whole thing. If there is a setting to say, “Shut it! I’m working here” I couldn’t find it.

Both those sounds really set my teeth on edge. Again… the game probably makes all kinds of noise, I get the gag, but let me turn it off.

Apparently the one during the lesson is a key change ditty. BUT STILL … I want to be able to use it… I would throw you my money, but all that noise is so off putting I’m forced to go looking for a similar tool.