Cross-Platform Nudge Shortcut

Hey guys, pretty minor thing, but would it be possible to make Ctrl+LArrow/RArrow (or some similar cross-platform friendly key combination) acceptable to trigger the nudge function rather than them being locked to a single platform?

Currently, I can see from the tooltip they’re linked to the Mac Command key (eg. ⌘ + left arrow) but don’t work with any of the usual equivalents on a keyboard missing the command key, like if you’re on Windows and want to use Ctrl, Shift, Alt, etc.


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Hi Satur9, I want to add to this question even though it’s nearly 2 years old. I’m using the nudge tool a lot and the mousing is getting tiresome. I’ve gone searching for a keyboard command, and I’ve discovered it’s a Mac only solution. I’m wondering if this has ever been addressed, resolved etc. for Windows users. If anyone has information regarding this issue I’d love to know! Thanks…

OK never mind…I found it. Shift and arrow keys…drr