Creating Chords/unusual chords...?

I’m sorry if this has been answered, I’m new here…

Anyways, I’m trying to transcribe a song into this thing (the intro to Watcher of the Skies by Genesis), and I’m having a hard time with this, because there are several unusual chords that I can’t find using borrowing chords, or a chord with an unusual bass (i.e. C#/F#). Is there any way to manually enter chords?

C♯/F♯ is F♯maj7sus2. Try temporarily switching to parallel modes if you cannot find your chord in the current mode (unless that chord type cannot be formed with the diatonic scale).

Thank you! That does help.
I got further, but now I’ve hit an augmented chord, and can’t find one anywhere… this happens to be Caug6/A…

C6♯5/A is AmM7, which cannot be formed with the diatonic scale.

Thank you again. I love theory but enharmonic spellings were never my forte (at least when trying to find one out of context)

Nitpicking here, but wouldn’t it be AmM7/C?

he did specify the inversion

You’re right as usual :slight_smile: In any case, C6♯5/A could also be {C/E/Ab}aug/A or even Esus4(♯5)addb11/A