Create Progression

I love the idea of a chord progression creator, but the node based data visualization is way too tightly clustered. It’s nearly impossible to read.

The instructions section on the right takes up 2/3rd of the screen, but after my first time using it, I never need to see them again. Maybe have a clickable link with a pop up light box if people want to read more? This would create space for the nodes to spread out. But I also think having a second option, like a drop down menu, would be effective.

Also I find it frustrating that the options are limited to major keys. For example, here is the tab from Hotline Bling (Drake) in the key of D minor. Since there is no D minor option I had to go to the key of F major in order to find the BbMaj7 and Amin chords from this song. But of course the progression is now rooted in F and so I don’t get accurate search results.

@EzraZebra Thanks for the great comments.

The space for the instructions in the space where the songs go once you start drilling down so we thought putting the instructions there at first made sense. I agree that there is probably a better way of organizing the information though (perhaps we could make the panels draggable to make more space when appropriate for example.

In terms of not separating minor and major songs this is something we are aware of. We may add the ability to filter by mode as opposed to transposing all songs to their relative majors (which is what we do now). For now, (having to choose one) we think it is most useful to see all the progressions. A song that goes am F C G am F C G am in the minor mode has a lot in common with a song that goes C G am F after all, and many would argue that the former song isn’t even really in the minor mode at all.

Certainly areas we can improve upon though