Create New Instrument Pattern

I see that about 4-1/2 years ago “Alesswo” asked about changing an instrument’s pattern. The response he received from “dave” was that this feature was “something we’d like to enable some day.,” but nothing to my knowledge has been done along these lines.
As an example, if I were to use a piano for my harmony, I could opt for “Alberti/Bass.” I would like to change that pattern to better fit the song I was writing.
If I’ve missed a post on this forum that addresses this feature, please direct me to it. Otherwise, I’d appreciate if you could incorporate this feature, as it would make all the difference in the world for my songwriting.

my guess from seeing responses / bug reports - some instrument patterns are tricky to adjust to reliably accommodate meters and scales. one thing that might be nice would be separate from melody (which is my workaround for patterns) and the chords, would be imported patterns (like an adjunct “pattern instrument” assigned to an instrument) where you could assign a MIDI pattern to a band-level instrument. of course there is possibility the instrument vs pattern might not work as expected, but then it’s up to the user to figure it out…

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Thanx for the response.

What you’re suggesting is basically what I already do in Cubase, either with Arpache or manually. I just thought this would be a nice time saver to eliminate a couple steps.

Thanx again for taking the time.

agree. i think adding patterns or editing them outside of the melody section (so i can keep the melody :slight_smile: ) would be a nice addition.

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