Create a Shareable Link

Yet more Javascript woes with the new fancy URL links are not working. Sorry to say that all these unnecessary bells and whistles are making the site too fragile.
A workaround I have used is to place the URL in parenthesis.
I am still calling for a stripped down, more robust version of the software that needs to be availed to us. Just wind the clock back 6 months.

Hi, I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about. What exactly are “Javascript woes with new fancy URL links”?

The link referred to was View Shareable Link, it was displaying a Hooktheory promotional link when pasted. Seems OK now.
Yesterday, I went to the trouble of reinstalling Windows just in case!

Ah ok. I’m glad it works now.

Reinstalling Windows from time to time is a good idea to get a fresh system again. However if there’s a bug in Hookpad, it’s almost always at our side so reinstalling Windows won’t solve that.

more likely the frequent updates to MS Edge or Google Chrome as they try to “improve” the user experience (like the AI wrecking mayhem all over my keystrokes trying to guess what i’ll do next, or “fixing” javascript to prevent other sites from using it without going full-in on Google or MS).
so when i start seeing issues after one of those updates (usually a couple of updates per month), i begin by re-running my app redistributable install files to fix whatever got overridden with a supposedly backwards compatible runtime… 99.9% of the time this has solved it for my DAW and CAD programs.
for web based apps - just clearing all the stuff and starting over (rare but does happen a couple of times a year) in order to get things working - and then re-logging in to all my online stuff… i think these browsers “improve” the cached files so they’re not able to be used easily…