Couple of general questions

Hi, just wanted to ask a few things I can’t seem to find the answers to on the forum.
The first is why were Aug chords removed and are there any plans to bring them back?

Second is, are slash chords going to implemented? Steely Dan use a lot of triads over differing bass notes and would nice to able to put them in for the education of song writers. I know that they won’t have Roman numeral function. Is this the reason? Nevertheless the V11 chord no 3rd no 5th should at least be there as it has dominant function. Lots of styles of music rely on these chords in non functional roles.

Thirdly, when I use the search by chord function and I use i as a starting chord moving to iv, I get only one song and the movement is in the middle of a larger progression.
What’s going on here?

Great concept for the site and software BTW and I am happy to be a contributor to the data base.

“Search by chord” puts every song into its relative major, so the reason you only got one result for “i, iv” is that only one song in the key of major I contains those chords. For the far more common case of “i, iv” in minor, you have to search for “vi, ii”. Unfortunately, there’s no way to separate out which tabs are actually in minor vs. which ones just have “vi, ii” in a major key (or “v, i” in Dorian, “iv, vii” in Phrygian, etc.)

And speaking of Phrygian, some of these tabs might be “i, iv” in Phrygian, though most are probably “iii, vi” in major or “v, i” in minor.

Here’s a discussion of augmented chords. As far as I know, they aren’t coming back anytime soon. If you want to at least notate their existence in a tab, you can use a #5 chord by copying it from the .hkt file linked here, but the piano won’t actually play the #5, just a normal triad.

Also, you can only use that file if you’re a Plus member; I’m pretty sure there are tabs in the public database with the #5 chord, and if you found one you could presumably save it in Hookpad and use it instead, but I have no idea what those tabs are or where to find them. If anybody has a link to one that would be great.

2: Recommended substitutions?[quote=“bobstella, post:1, topic:317”]
Second is, are slash chords going to implemented?

Slash chords have also been discussed (EDIT: here and here), and I think 11no3no5 is under consideration for a future release, though I’m not sure. You can achieve some slash chords using the third inversion of 7th chords, but that’s it.