Could the team write more progress blogs please?

I’ve been a paying customer for a long time( a few years now I think?), and really enjoy both the books, and hookpad+, but I’ve always felt kind of in the dark like this is some neglected project because official updates are so few and far between.

For example, you would only have known that the html5 version was on the way if you read obscure forum posts, and only people who were frustrated with something would ever find it. Also, the only way I know that the export to friends and theory tab feature is coming is because of obscure forum posts. Heck, you guys didn’t even announce the new Hookpad version officially on your website.

I know it takes a lot of time and effort to write blog posts, and you probably aren’t even getting many reader numbers because it’s so tucked away under a tab called more. Probably putting a snippet of the latest blog update on the front page would surely help fix that.

Development blog posts stating what’s being worked on, new releases, bug fixes, change logs, ect, would be really appreciated! (It also makes it easier for music blogs to talk about your releases!)

I hope this is helpful feedback, especially because the team has been doing great stuff.


Yeah we agree with your comments.

We actually prepared a blog post documenting the release and ended up holding it back as there were some issues, and we wanted to keep it a “soft launch” while we worked out the kinks. That post will go out soon.

To your more general point, we are going to try to be better about posting development updates going forward (we’ve got a lot planned that we are working on). Now that Hookpad 2 is out we are also going to start posting more content in general showing how to use it to write songs.



Super glad to hear that :)!

thanks for the reply!