Corrupted lead sheet downloads

I am getting incomplete (corrupted) lead sheets after download over the last few days. Anyone else having this problem?

@Shotglass, that looks awful, sorry about that, I’ll take a look to see why that’s happening.

EDIT: It looks like this is a bug we inadvertently introduced a few weeks ago. We’ll push a fix for this shortly.

Thanks for jumping on this. Glad it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.

Ok, it’s fixed in the newest version of Hookpad v2.12.9

Ryan, I was able to successfully download the one song; but still am having the same issue with another song.

Ryan, I am still having download issues with the lead sheet for this song.

Sorry about this, we’re looking into it now

@Shotglass thanks for your patience on this issue. Looks like our last update did not fix all cases. I believe we’ve fixed it properly this time though, and will push a new version of Hookpad shortly

Thanks again … but still having the same problem. Or do I have to wait for the new upgrade announcement? Thanks

Yes sorry, we haven’t pushed the new code to the site yet, so post here when that happens.

Ok, this should be fixed in the current version of Hookpad pushed this morning (2.12.11)

So far so good. Nice job and thanks again.