Copying from one file to another

Is it possible to copy from one hookpad file to another? I keep trying to copy and paste a chord progression from one tab to another and it doesn’t work.

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No. You cna only copy-paste within the same tab. If you want to copy a tab kto another, you’ll need to redo it on the second tab.

Will this be available in the future? If someone creates an elaborate sketch in one tab, but wants to use all or some of it in another, as I have, it is aggravating to have to re-enter everything. I just noticed the previous message was from 2015. Maybe this is possible now?

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Still no. You still need to remake it from scratch, or make a copy then modify the tab as you see fit.

Thank you for your quick response. Is that a “Still no, but we’re working on it”? Or a “Still no, it’s never going to change. Don’t ever ask again”? As a paying customer I find this to be a huge flaw. Is there an insurmountable technical obstacle in the way? Further, if you can copy a tab from the tabs section into Hookpad, Why can’t a tab from Hookpad be copied into another? Forgive my snarkiness, but your answer was a bit too brief in the explanation department.

Good news! We just released an update a few days ago that lets you copy a selection from one tab and paste it into another from the clipboard (there isn’t a keyboard shortcut yet, but you can access it from the edit menu).


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Once you do, it should be something like Shift+C/V or something similar. Or have copying a bit of a tab should go to clipboard by default.

@bigyihsuan, copying goes to the clipboard by default (and also to internal storage within Hookpad). But each browser has different support and permissions for reading the clipboard. So we couldn’t build a universal replacement for the paste operation that always uses the OS clipboard. So we are currently stuck with the hybrid where paste reads from Hookpads internal clipboard (which won’t work form instance to instance) and paste from clipboard reads from the OS clipboard. In Chrome, this experience is fairly seamless since Chrome has support for reading the OS clipboard so we automatically do it as soon as you click the paste form clipboard menu button. But in Safari and Firefox, not yet supported so you have to manually paste your OS clipboard into a text box that Hookpad shows you. Once all browsers have support we will switch so paste uses the OS clipboard.

Thank you Dave, this is a great advancement.