Copying and Pasting in Hookpad 2 Beta Takes A Long Time

As of the new update released the other day, when using the copy and paste function there is now a long period of time between pressing “V” to paste and the paste actually happening. It takes roughly between 15 and 20 seconds, and during that period of time, the site could be considered to be frozen. Nothing can be clicked on, and the page can’t even be scrolled. Other than that copying and pasting works just fine.

wow strange. Does this always happen or just in certain cases. I am not able to reproduce this at the moment with my setup. what browser and os are you on?


Sorry for the delayed reply, I must’ve missed the email notification for your response. The issue seems to be similar to how it was in the original Hookpad. The longer the song the longer the copy and pasting seems to take, so when first starting out the copying and pasting seems normal, but as the song gets longer the delays when pasting get progressively more noticeable.