Copy section to new tab

With the new sections feature and general performance improvements in Hookpad 2 it is now straightforward to analyze a complete song within a single project, but the public database still requires separate tabs for each section. Thus, a command to copy the currently selected section to a separate project, most likely in the section menu, would speed up this editing process greatly. For it to be useful,

  • The new project should preserve the initial state (start key etc.) of the current project, plus any changes within the selected section. However sections don’t need to be copied, as there will be exactly one section in the new project.
  • The new project should inherit all project settings, including the YouTube video. Pickup measure is an exception; it should be added if and only if the section actually includes the pickup.
  • If the sync markers lie outside the selected section, they should be moved to the new project’s start and end, and their time keyframes adjusted according to the BPM. This is also much faster than having the user readjust the sync settings for every section to be analyzed.
  • Notes and chords that span across the selected section’s boundary will be split so that they are partially included in the new project.

Two alternatives are allowing arbitrary measure selections to be copied to a new tab, or changing the submission page so that it could transfer a single project section. Limiting the copy functionality to sections seems to be the most intuitive, since project section names often match the tab section names on public analyses exactly.