Copy/ paste verses


I still dont’t know how to copy/paste within one song to duplicate a verse, can someone tell me ?
I’ve read the manual and the shortcuts.



Hey @Moos,
I’m very sorry for not responding to your earlier question. I think I understand what you are trying to do now. Currently it is not possible to copy/paste both chords and melody at the same time. You’ll have to first select your melody, copy it, and then paste it into some open measures. Then do the same for the chords.

You should also know that in order to paste melody/chords, you need to create empty measures for it to go. Paste won’t work if you try to paste onto a line that is already full. To do this, you just need to hit the Plus button below the line of music where you want the new line to be created. This will create a new line of empty measures for you to fill in. Your selected melody should paste just fine in this new space (you do have to click the mouse to put the cursor in this new line however).

So to sum up: If you want to make 3 verses. Just hit the plus button three times to create 3 new empty lines of music. Drag the mouse in the melody region to select all the notes in your verse that you have already written. Hit copy. Put the mouse cursor in the empty lines and hit paste to paste your melody. Then select all your chords the same way and repeat the process.

Let me know if I’m still not understanding your question, and again, many apologies for forgetting about you before.



I had to create empty measures, now copy/paste works.


ps importing Midi-files would be a great feature .

Hi. I’m brand new here and to hookpad - I’m excited by the possibilities !

Is there an easier way to copy and paste a section than the process above?
8 yrs is a pretty long time ago!

@petemack, yes, this thread is a bit old.

Hookpad now supports multiple ways to copy measures. If you have sections already created, it’s as simple as selecting the section in the section GUI, hitting c for copy, and then hitting v for paste. Sections can also be reordered by dragging.

To copy individual measures, you can use the measure selection bar to highlight the desired measure range and then use the same keyboard shortcuts to perform a copy and paste.

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Thanks Ryan.
It’s good to know that hookpad has been around this long - and the forum is still highly active !