Copy All doesn't copy all

Copy all and paste doesn’t copy all … it doesn’t copy the Band, which is why functioning Sections is important, although Sections on previous compositions appear. (I haven’t tried modifying one though.)

Any progress to your issue? I’m having the same problem

I haven’t tried it recently but your difficulties might imply it is still an issue.

Good luck!

Maybe I can bring a little bit of light into this topic.

  • Copy All copies all chords and all notes of the currently selected voice but not the other voices and no bands.
  • To copy all voices and chords you can select the bars you want to copy. Just click on the region where your bar numbers are and drag left and right. Then press “C” to copy the selected bars.
  • To copy a band you can click on the band change marker and press “C”. Click on another band marker and press “V” to paste the band there.

The sections have been fixed since a couple of months. If you copy a section in the section region, all notes and bands of that section are copied.

Please let men know if this helped!