Connection issue

My students and I are all receiving the “Trying to Connect” message in the HookPad projects and are unable to Save work as a result. This is not an internet connection issue (no trouble connecting on other websites), we all have different internet providers, and even with the ethernet cable connected I’m still getting this message. I’d really like to figure out a fix so my students don’t lose their work. I saw similar questions have been asked, but not answered. Is this a bug that is being worked on?

Very sorry for the difficulties. I’m wondering where you and your students are located geographically. We aren’t seeing other reports of this today so wondering if there is something specific about your location that is causing the connection check to fail (maybe a relatively slow rate due to long distance of the ping to the server is causing the failure).


I am having the same difficulty. I keep “Trying to connect” and see a cloud icon with a slash through it. I’m in Toronto.