Confused by bands/changes

I set up a band with just acoustic guitars and save it as INTRO.

I set up a second band with rock instruments and save it as VERSE.

I select INTRO go to bar one and select change band.

I play it and have the correct instruments.

I go to bar 9 select VERSE and then change band.

I play from bar one which should be INTRO instruments and get the VERSE instruments.

I delete both bands and repeat as above with same undesired result.

HELP. What am I missing or doing wrong here?


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It’s probably just a bug but I tried recreating it and the instruments are correct for me

Maybe it only happens if the band contains certain instruments, here are my bands

Tell me what your bands are as well

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This is mgintro:

This is mgverse:

I want 8 bars of intro, 16 bars of verse and then back to intro for 8 bars.

It is 5/4 time if that matters.


Sorry but I can’t recreate the bug in version 2.16.1, I have a feeling it has to do with selecting from the saved templates but since I haven’t purchased hookpad I can’t save band templates

@chris @Ryan @dave please help him