Composing in 12 tones and number system along with key

Hello all:
Can we utilize the Number system (in HOOKPAD Software), in tandem with the keys? I.E;
in the key of C, suppose I’m writing a song with a flat VII chord. Let’s say the arrangement is C-Bb-F-C (and it goes to the G or V in the chorus).
This would be I–bVII–IV–I. Or even with Arabic figures, as in: 1–b7–4--1.

THAT’S the question, do we have these capabilities in HOOKPAD software.


The “WHY” of my query is below, if you want the details.

I need a high quality composition software package to help me quickly write good, mostly live- played songs for all my student’s lessons, and since I work in different styles and cover all 15 key signatures for a lot of material…yeesh.
I add a lot of parts and present lively material for most lessons, so something like HOOKPAD or the like would cut back on recording time for lessons by a huge factor, not cutting so much into my commercial writing. It would be a great way to start and store my teaching recorded material there, then export to my DAWs for refinement.
I am Dyslexic, so although it’s possible tfor me to think in terms of keys instead of the Number system (when songwriting) it’s just too much, with the already full workload, and my tendency to make dyslexic mistakes will never go away.

Yeah the whole point of Hookpad is to compose in a relative numbered notation so you can abstract away the key and think functionally. Obviously to play or hear the music, you need to pick a key though which Hookpad let’s you specify (Hookpad places the chord names that correspond to the numerals of they key you are in below for reference). Since you are writing in the relative numbered notation it is very easy to switch keys and hear how your song sounds and each. You can also export to midi for refining in a daw


Thanks, Dave:
You’re the first to clarify! THANKS for making clear what even the company did not. I think I’ll download the product now.

**You may be able to answer the follow up:

**Can you answer this one?
Since you know I use the number system, I think and notate in Chromatic (not Diatonic) terms. I don’t write bizarre or obtuse music, either, I was simply able to organize practical music theory this way, where Classical teaching failed me. So I use the Roman Numeral System with chord spellings to indicate full chordal character when I write chord progressions. For instance (I’m blank on a good prog, so this is not a song)…I7sus4–bIII–bVIII–I5.
It’s based on identifying any tone by ear, and being able to name and play said tone or chord of any type, obviously built on a relative inability to quickly recall everything in absolute terms of Diatonic theory, accounting for each key signature, and referring to sub dominants, mediants, etc.

So my way of using the Number System is based as if in the key of C, or the Ionian mode, with the flat 2nd, flat 3rd, flat 5th, flat 6th, and flat 7th making up the other five tones in our system. So I notate chord and chord type in song progressions this way. This way I don’t get hung up on calculations while I’m composing. Sheet music comes later.
***Does HookPad offer us the ability to type in chord progressions this way, and/ or does HookPad spell out the chord in this way when we play on a controller? ***

Truly appreciate your input!