Comparing a theorytab re-created song to re-created on actual DAW

First off I’d like to say I’m a PLUS member and have bought the book on itunes. I am SO impressed with the product! I can’t stop using it. The re-created tabs are so great to learn with too. My question is this:

If I go to Avicii’s Levels I see the length/time of the chords are four melody notes

While when recreating on a DAW (FL) the length of the chords are same length/time as the melody notes

Would the proper way to do this is after I import the theorytab midi just editing/slicing the chords in the DAW’s piano roll or is there an easier way to do this?

Again… kudos to everyone involved with HookTheory… it is amazing! :wink:

Is this not getting any answers because I’m not explaining well? If so plz lmk and I’ll try and explain better. Any info will help. Thnx!! :wink:

Hi @xeon999, sorry for the late response.

As of now, midi exports rhythms cannot be customized. If I understand correctly, you’re interested in having each chord as a repeated quarter note rhythm? I would say that you can either import the midi into your DAW and slice it there (as you suggest), or alternatively, you can slice the chords in Hookpad first (this could be a little simpler), and then export the midi file. Hookpad automatically exports each chord in the chord track the same duration as the corresponding chord in Hookpad.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Like u mentioned I think it will be easier to just use the shorter chrods in hookpad initially. I guess I was more curious as to why the users recreating in HT were using longer chord notes vs the actual song. Maybe they were re-created to just show melody notes and chord progression and not exact representation of how it would be in a DAW. Thnx!

Hey @xeon999,

That’s exactly right. At Hooktheory, the focus is more on the chord progression itself rather than getting the rhythms of the chords to be exactly like the actual song. Sometimes, for example, if there are very short rhythms, it becomes hard to read the labels on the chords if they are too short.

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