Communication DAW Reaper with Hookpad+

I would like to pass MIDI data between my DAW (Reaper) in which I configured my Steinberg external sound card, to Hookpad +. (On Windows 10 / Google Chrome PC)
I downloaded rtpMidi for Midi mapping.
My sound card is configured with input and output.channels

My sound card appears in the Midi Hookpad + window and I activate the inputs of external MIDI controllers.

I’m reading the MIdi track in Reaper but nothing gets into the Hookpad MIDI console when I turn on the recording.
Maybe there is a channel configuration problem? Communication port?
How to test this?
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards


Hi @Chris31,

This is an interesting use case that we hadn’t fully considered, but in principle there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work. Try checking the MIDI console box, and see if Hookpad is receiving any MIDI messages.

Of course I checked the box of the Midi console. But nothing happens there.
But it works well with a MIDI USB keyboard master in direct.
I attach you the configuration of my DAW.

no other answer or suggestion?..

@Chris31 sorry for the delay, we’re looking into this to see if there is something we can do on our end.


@Chris31, can you go to this page and see if you can get it to record any midi messages?

This is a very cool concept.