Comments under a theorytab?

the only way to communicate with people on the theorytab site is basically through putting your message in a tab that you’re editing in the hopes that someone will see it. i feel like having at least a comment section for people to respond under (not even coded in by hand, something like Disqus would even work) would allow for a lot easier communication between users, as right now it’s sort of just screaming messages into the dark and hoping someone’s around to hear it, which might drive users away from using the site compared to something like the ultimate-guitar site where a comment section is available under every tab someone submits. also the “view version history” thing is locked to users only… and it’s kinda out of the way… so even then anonymous users will have a hard time even trying to see any other information about a tab besides what’s given on the tab itself. idk im kinda rambling at this point but i feel like this would have huge benefits for the site if implemented and id love to see it at some point, and im sure other people feel the same

I’ve wanted something like this for a long time too. If only as a way of thanking my fellow contributors for their hard work.

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They used to have tab comments listed under the tab at least.