Comments for edits don't show up in Community or a user's profile

First screenshot shows a theorytab I edited recently, second one shows my user profile

Although not shown here it also happens in Community

@Vaz, correct. We are aware of this and are deciding what the future of the comment system will be. Comments are in a weird hybrid / partially disabled state right now. I apologize for this. We were getting spam blasted, so we basically turned off comments other than the internal auto-generated ones to let folks know about edits to stuff in the song db. But I think if that is all they are, this could be done differently. So its in a state of flux. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

@chris how long will this partially disabled state last

Unknown. The comment system never really bore any fruit for the site so there is a chance it will be fully deprecated and instead replaced by transactional email notifications when edits happen.

@chris Also by ‘spam blasted’ do you mean you get a lot of new comments because people are editing a lot of theorytabs (if so then I don’t see anything wrong with that and so comments shouldn’t be disabled)

No, those auto-generated comments were totally fine and part of why we built the system. It was bots posting page long comments with links to webpages and all sorts of stuff that got out of hand quickly. We need to build in something like Akismet for spam protection but it was simpler to turn off b/c outside of the auto-generated edit comments there wasn’t a ton of discussion. Our intent behind the comments was to allow conversations about the songs / theory

@chris I haven’t seen a single bot post stuff like that recently

did it happen right when you made HP2 the theorytab editor

No. Each song page had its own comment thread. That was really the intent behind comments. That is where the spam blasting happened. What remains is just lingering to keep the email notifications working since the email notifications are currently tied to the comment system.