Cmaj7 sounds identical to Em in the Hookpad band default

… well to my ears any way.

if you arent hearing the bass for some reason its either you or a bug

Thanks for taking the time to reply - I’ll raise a suport ticket.

Hi and sorry for the late reply. The default piano is using a three note voicing which will omit any unimportant notes like the root note which is usually covered by the bass. So yes, C-Major 7 and E-Minor will use the same three notes E-G-B in the right hand and if you mute the bass they will sound the same.

Please let me know if this helped.

Thanks Dennis, that would explain it but it’s a pity … in my opinion anyway.

You’re welcome. If you want a patch which plays all notes of a chord and a bass note you can try out one of the ‘full chords’ patches like ‘Piano Full Chords’

Hmmm … sounds good but I can’t see those patches?

instrument settings:

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Thanks Fossile :+1: :sunglasses: