Clicking on the start of a hookpad project while it's playing will sometimes cause everything to disappear

Just make a new hookpad project, play it then click on the very left of the bar at the top and (sometimes) boom everything disappears. Happens for theorytab pages as well

Ok why isn’t this fixed

hey @Vaz123 can you be more specific about exactly where you are clicking. We haven’t reproduced. Which bar are you talking about (Hookpad has a lot of bar shaped things :slight_smile: )


@dave Play any hookpad project then click here:

It might take a few tries

@dave I recommend messing around for a while (change the key, tempo etc) then try clicking the start and it might happen

@dave Also if you do these things in order then it will also make everything disappear

  1. Set to Eb major
  2. Add modulation to parallel minor (Eb minor). This must be done by simply switching from major to minor without changing the tonic. This will give you G# minor (actually Eb minor)
  3. Edit key change and set scale changes to relative
  4. Change to relative major

@chris @Ryan @dave this is still a thing and now it seems much easier to do on theorytabs, just click on the start of a section while the piano is playing and then the whole section will disappear

thanks, looking into it

This is happening to me as well. It seems to happen after some time elapsed.

I’m using chrome browser. I might try a different browser or a few other things first.

Edit: Okay so it COULD be Ad Blockers, not sure on this yet. My ad blockers were picking up something on hook theory. The site would still seem to be fully functional and then crash after a while. After turning them off I haven’t had a crash yet but I’ll know over time.

I’m using U Blocker Origin, and I think OP is using the extension as well.

Edit: Still getting crashes. At this point not sure what it could be.

Edit: So just in case I inspected and got this.

Thank you @Vaz123 and @zzplazmazz29 for reporting this as thoroughly as you did - and for your patience. It was fixed today in 2.18.7. Sorry this took so long to fix! It turns out it was a problem with the piano. The crash would only happen when the piano was showing. Does that align with your experiences? I think all of my original attempts to reproduce I didn’t have the piano showing so I couldn’t get it to happen. As of Dec 15, TheoryTabs show the piano always. I think this is why Vaz found it “much easier to do” in TheoryTabs a couple days back. Basically clicking on the very very left of the score was setting the beat slightly < 1, which caused some code in the Piano visualizer to barf. Thank you both!

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this bug persists. twice today.