Click on chord name (em, B etc.) to preview without adding

Unless I’m overlooking it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to preview chords at all in the top section without clicking on the main area which adds it to the progression and replaces a selected chord.

The actual chord names directly underneath are purely descriptive, and would be far more useful if that area was used to trigger chords without adding them.

i.e. Clicking on the letter E previews a the chord, and clicking on the blue V box inserts it as normal

@InvisibleLandscape , if you click the lock icon in the top control bar, it lets you click a chord to preview without adding. May first have to show the lock control in Preferences → App Preferences → Show Lock Control



I started using the lock control which is useful, however it’s location isn’t very convenient compared the chord location which means a lot of mouse movement turning it on/off each time. Having it with the chords would be easier.

A keyboard shortcut to toggle lock or modifier+click to override the status could work almost as well as the suggestion above (i.e. if unlocked shift+click previews without inserting, and if locked shift+click inserts.)

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