Cleaning up the Theorytab site

At any given time, there are a number of maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken in Theorytab, such as

  • Deleting empty or duplicate tabs;
  • Renaming tabs (for example, swapping the artist and title);
  • Deleting sections of tabs, or changing their function (e.g. Chorus to Verse);
  • Moving sections from one tab to another (merging tabs).

There’s a “Title mistakes” thread on this forum which has been used to request these changes, but that is an inefficient way of doing things, and moreover, it doesn’t seem to be monitored by the site admins.

It would be great if the developers could set up a dedicated form where logged-in Theorytab users can request specific changes to tabs. For example, coming across a tab like this, I could fill out the form to request that it be deleted, as it is a duplicate of Titanium by David Guetta. The form would be monitored by site admins, who would then decide whether or not to act on the request.

Someone suggested allowing trusted Theorytab users to be “admins” who can delete tabs etc. themselves. That’s a great idea, but it would obviously take a lot of development work. In the interim, this request form could serve as a way to help us keep Theorytab neat and tidy. I hope the devs will consider implementing it!

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