Classroom not displaying student lyrics

When grading a student’s work in the classroom that contains lyrics, I cannot see the lyrics but only dashes in between some of the chords.

@slinnes, yes you are correct. This is an oversight on our part and I apologize for it. The lyrics field should be disabled within Hooktheory Classroom exercises because our non-editable display version of Hookpad can’t correctly show lyrics. Right now we are 100% focused on moving Hookpad off of Flash so this likely isn’t something we will fix before the new version of Hookpad is complete. Is this a huge show stopper for you and your class?

This is a show stopper for me and my students. Clearly, it is very difficult to assess students understanding of how to set lyrics to music if I am unable to view their lyrics.

When do you envision this being fixed?

Hi @BizzyB, sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve been very busy with other things. We are investigating how much work it will be to get lyrics working within the Hooktheory Classroom environment. I will report back here and let you know what we decide.

@BizzyB, @slinnes: good news. We were able to implement this feature. To have your students add lyrics, they click in the melody of Hookpad (within an assignment) and click the “show lyrics” checkbox, as shown below.

Then they type in the lyrics field:

When you view the submitted exercise on your “My Classwork” page, the lyrics will be visible.