Classroom assignment dates frustrating to deal with

If an assignment is due in the future, the teacher cannot grade it because of the future date. In reality an assignment should be able to be graded no matter what the due date is. Also, a student cannot edit an assignment if the due date is past. This is also not reality as students have to often redo old assignments. The due date is a nice gesture but should not be forcing work or grading to not be done to it. The work around is the teacher has to change the due dates constantly in order for the student to continue working on it and for them to grade it.

@slinnes Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Now that you mention it, this is an obvious thing that we overlooked. I just pushed an update to Hooktheory Classroom / Assessment Kit that will give you a work-around.

Now when you assign exercises to a class, there is a checkbox that says “use a strict due date”, as shown below. It defaults to true, but If you uncheck this box, you can grade the assignments before they are due and students can edit them after they are due. If you have any questions or feedback, post it here. Cheers