Chuitar chords, (are very wrong)

the guitar chords , we can choose in the hooktab, are wrong, the inversions of guitar chords are very simple, and dont give a real idea of guitar inversions ans slach chords, this web page is so wonderfull, make it better with this obsevation, because all guiter player need to know better chords inversion to create more beatiful music.

nice trip


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This isn’t a very rock-friendly, or really non-pop-friendly platform. I’ve asked before for better chord support (support that’s actually useful to performers) and the staff never said one way or the other whether they thought it was a good idea (which it is.) I’ve tried transposing some non-standard rock music with substance to hookpad but the result is completely useless to pretty much any player:

Give it time, once the admins realize that more people care about rock music and guitar chord lookups (considering how horrifically incorrect and messy most other chord websites are) and not obscure anime music, this site will be really useful and a tremendous help to anyone serious about music. Right now it has potential but is severely handicapped towards those new to theory.

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@Nikonani @Smaxk

sorry for not responding to this sooner. The incorrect guitar chord fingerings are a known issue and one that we are looking into. Our bandwidth is limited right now so it’s not a top priority for us (though if we find out that this is an important enough issue via feedback like this in the forum that could change). One thing we’ve thought about doing in the past is to make the guitar chords part of the wiki so that users could make changes and corrections as needed just as the theorytabs work now.