Chords Not Playing in Chord Crush

None of the chords are playing for me on any of the levels in Chord Crush. My sound is up and the menu music plays, so it has nothing to with my hardware, the chords just simply aren’t playing.

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Same problem here.

The chords did play after pressing play several times but the sound was very glitchy with a lot of “artefacts”.

Restarting the app, device did nothing. Spotify and browser played fine so not the hardware. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi thanks for the bug reports, users are experiencing similar things on Hookpad, we’re actively looking into this issue and hopefully will have some answers soon. Have you tried in a different browser?

For those of you that are experiencing this, can you confirm if you look at your CPU usage, if it is maxing out at 100% while the audio is stuttering? You can do this in Chrome by opening Window → Task Manager

For me it was with safari on an ipad OS 15.4.1. With safari being the only app opened/used

I’ve just tried with firefox on an Imac and everything works smoothly there.

Ps : to be positive → best ear-training app I’ve ever used :sunglasses: My thanks to the hooktheory team !

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I tested app on iOS 15.5 (both iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6) in safari and chrome and there is no sound when I click on play button (in the app menu sound is working). On iPad mini 4 and iOS 14.7.1 the sound is working but it’s very glitchy. On the MacBook m1 the same.
On the Intel based MacBook and safari everything works perfect.

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I was originally using chrome and tried using safari but was having the same issues.

the rollback that I saw others say fixed the issue on the Hookpad side doesn’t seem to have done the trick here. I can’t get any chord sounds to play on Safari iOS.

Same issue here - Tried on 2 iphones and an iPad and not working (tried multiple browsers and even incognito mode)
Tried on 2 android phones and a windows pc and working perfectly.
Based on this plus the other comments, pretty sure it’s a problem with ChordCrush on Apple devices specifically

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@Ryan any chance of getting this rolled back so we (iOS users) can use ChordCrush again until it’s figured out?

Yeah sorry about this. Chord crush has always used the newer Hookpad audio engine, so we’re struggling to figure out what might be different here, but we can roll back to the last version if that was working better for most of you

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I can’t speak for everyone, but it basically doesn’t work on iOS at the moment.

Oddly, it doesn’t seem to be strictly about chord playback either.

For example: in Rush the countdown timer (the 3…2…1…) never starts.

In Level Up, Level 1-Final, the YouTube player never loads the song.

It’s as if there’s some initialization step that isn’t happening.

Thanks for the report, we’ll have it rolled back shortly, we apologize for the difficulties and appreciate everyone’s patience

Ok, we’ve rolled back to the previous version, please let us know if you are still seeing problems

Thanks and no worries. Back to working as it was before, now. Thank you!

Also, I was away from a laptop before, but if it’s useful: if there’s like a staging/dev URL I can try the newer (now-rolled back) version at, I can hook it up to safari dev tools and probably offer some insights into what’s happening, or at least some recordings. Feel free to DM or email me.

Hi, earlier today I tried it again and it was working, but now I’m having the same issue as I was before with it not playing.

Nevermind, I thinn I just had too many apps open, it is working now. Thanks!

@michaelhood appreciate the offer, we also use Safari dev tools (although it’s super frustrating sometimes), hope to have some more clarity on this issue but will certainly reach out if we need some help

no problem! to clarify I meant with my tethered iOS device, if you’re having trouble repro’ing.

thanks again

edit to add: yes, safari dev tools is a mess.