Chords are now Sticky

My transport tools work now. Vers 2.25.10. Here’s the latest: I can no longer grab a chord and drag it to where I want it. Once a chord is in contact with another, the two chords stick together. It was nice to be able to drag the chords around beyond or behind another, It was a great workflow thing. Now, if I drag the last chord in the line it’s stuck to the previous and stretches out over how ever many measures. I hope this feature returns? Thank you

To be clear: The symbol of the hand and index finger will not move a chord. They symbol with the bi-directional arrows will not move the chord, but with you can pull it forward into the next bars. The border with the previous chord is locked and will not release. If you delete the chord and attempt to paste it in a measure forward of the last chord in the chain, it will ignore the cursor and snap to the last chord in the chain and will not release.

What you’re describing sounds like you might be in “text” entry mode. You can check this in preferences to make sure you’re in “table” mode:

Hi Ryan, Thank you! I’ll check my settings. Sure appreciate your reply, kind of sitting dead in the water here.