Chords and Hookpad

Can some please explain this concept to me. Lets say the first measure has 4 beats. e.g.
4/4. When using Hookpad , I place any chord ( Just one ) into the first measure for a duration of 4 beats. When I play to listen, why does it sound like that chord is being played multiple times having its own melody ? On a piano u would play , lets say the I chord , consisting of scale degrees 1 , 3 , 5 , once and it would have one sound to it. Hookpad plays the the chord , it sounds like its being played multiple times with its own melody ?

The default mixer settings has the chords playing notes every beat. So it’s playing the chord, but it does a quarter note pattern.

You can change the mixer settings to just play a different pattern and instrument, but not all instruments have a “play a single tone” mode.

Thank you. I understand now. Much appreciated.