ChordCrush UI is Glitchy

I was impressed enough by the CC demo to recently subscribe for a year, but my experience since then has been frustrating. Whether using Safari on my phone or Edge on my Windows laptop, I often can’t get past the startup (“Click here to start”) screen, no matter what/where I click. This morning, after trying (and reloading) for some time, I was able to get through on my laptop, but couldn’t get LevelUp to work at all (though Train seemed to be okay). Given that I’m having issues on multiple devices, I feel the site itself is the problem. I’m close to asking for a refund, but am hoping these issues can be resolved (since I really like the site otherwise).


I’m having the same issues, and agree that it’s very frustrating.

Same here. It’s not working as it should. Please fix it.

There are sitewide problems not just with chordcrush but also hookpad and hooktheory. Something is broken.

I’ve been experiencing this too. It can be fixed by deleting your cache in your browser history but still annoying

I had the same problem initially but then, all of a sudden, it seemed to work every time - and has done for several weeks now.
I suspected that it was related to checking subscription status as occasionally Chord Crush would start up but as a guest user. I also found that if I went in from the HookTheory link (rather than direct from my iPad ChordCrush icon) it was more reliable but I don’t even need to do that now. No idea what resolved it.
Don’t give up yet - Chord Crush really is cool. Hope you get sorted out soon.

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble here, we think that we’ve fixed this issue, can anyone confirm if you’re still having trouble with the load screen?

Hi Ryan - Thanks for the response. It had been working better for the past few days, until I began having issues again today. As of now I again cannot get past the load screen (still using Edge on Windows), and have been trying intermittently for the past hour.

Thanks for the info, sorry about this issue, we’re still trying to track it down. Unfortunately it’s happening in a small number of cases and we haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it. We’ll be pushing a couple of fixes that will hopefully address it, so I’ll write back here when that happens.

Hi all, we just pushed another attempt to rectify this issue. @zkhandwala can you try again and see if this most recent fix has resolved the issue for you?

@Ryan I can say the loading screen issue is resolved for me.