Chord Selection Similar to "Bass Sets"

I wish we could have a similar feature to “bass sets”, but instead just have “included note”. As in, I’m not necessarily wanting a chord with bass C# in the key of C, but just wanting a chord that includes that note.

I know, I know. If I were more educated in music theory, I wouldn’t want/need this feature. But a girl can dream, right?

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I’m interested in it as well.
I don’t know if a more educated person would want this feature or not but it would be very good as a tool to help us find new interesting sounds and unstuck on some progressions.
Sometimes I have to do this exercise by my own, finding and testing a lot of chords that has that key and it kills my flow and takes a lot of time. Any automation would be very welcome.

@magicalmbeth, @NecroToad, :+1: this is a super cool idea. I can see it being really useful for adding chords to an existing melody. I think we can do this. I’ll talk w/ the team and see what we can whip up.

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Awesome! I look forward to it!

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@magicalmbeth, been working on it past few days. pretty excited about it. teaser screenshots.

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@magicalmbeth, check out the Tone Sets palette, released in 2.16.0. Enjoy!


Does this reuse the same database as the chord search tool? (It has some previously missing chords like V♭9(♭5), but ♯ivo7 is still missing for example.)