Chord Question (how to get a smooth chord over 4 beats)

In hookpad, how can I do a smooth chord length over 4 beats…dunnnnnnnnnnn (over 4 beats)… as opposed to…dun-dun-dun-nun

the example can be seen on Girls-like-you youtube vs. Girls-like-you piano…

Thanks, Robert

Read this post:

Sadly, any changes to the Band instruments do not save without a subscription to Hookpad.

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Hi Robert, I am wonder the same thing myself. Did you ever figure this out? I am new to HookTheory.

Thank you in advance,


a number of instruments have “sustained” options: pianos “full chord”, guitar “break” etc and solo instruments typically have their default as sustain (e.g. a violin with a whole measure would sustain, and in some you can extend a melody note over measures or use the legato. etc

So, if I go to the piano…I can choose sustain for the chord?

What I am trying to do is to eliminate the the 4 beats per measure… (I am new to HookTheory, I am assuming that in the above picture I am looking at 7 measures?) If am correct in my assumption, I am tying to making the C chord play one time…not C-C-C-C. Is this the correct method?

Thank you kindly in Advance.

example: pianos = full chord, guitars = break, bass = sustain, orchestral, synths = default or smart or legato
instruments with rhythmic patterns in default/smart etc mode will play the rhythm component in the sound, but i believe most of the MIDI will be a single chord or note.