Chord progression novelty metrics are low on every TheoryTab

Ever since the recent fix to the melody metrics, all tabs have lower chord progression novelty metrics. Even in complex songs, I haven’t been able to find a tab with more than 42 in that category. Seems like a bug to me.


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into it

This is still an issue (albeit an inconsequential one) as of August 1. Nothing higher than 42. Chiming in because I also noticed that this page doesn’t seem to be picking up anything under “songs with above average Chord Progression Novelty”.

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I have noticed a difference in metrics, like this song for example:
It used to have over a score of 85/100 for every category, but it doesn’t anymore. Also, when you load it into Hookpad and check the metrics you will see that its chord progression novelty should be much higher than 42 - which it is glitched at.

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Looks like this bug was introduced with an update to some of our magic chord assets. Should be fixed shortly.

EDIT: fix is live now.