Chord-only staff crashes

When the note staff is hidden and only the chord staff is shown, these actions turn the entire editor into a white screen, making further interactions impossible:

  • Selecting a single measure, then clicking on it again to deselect the measure.
  • Selecting any number of measures, then erasing them with Backspace.
  • Opening a Theorytab that shows only the melody staff.

In all of these cases Hookpad would normally move the cursor to the melody staff even if it were previously on the chord staff, so it seems Hookpad crashes because it cannot find the melody staff.

@HertzDevil, once again, you are the ultimate bug reporter. Thank you!
I’m embarrassed that I didn’t catch these before releasing; those are common operations. I hope you didn’t lose anything. I’ll work with the team tmw to fix. I may push a temporary release with these options forced to true while we sort out the cursor placement.