Chord/note selection light-up becomes messed up if project has at least 32 bars

Everything else that can be done when selecting chords/notes (moving, changing chord/note etc.) works fine, it’s just that the chords/notes are not lighted up properly (in the screenshot below, I’m actually selecting the Em chord in the line above, but the Em chord in the line below lights up instead)

Only happens when editing theorytabs and doesn’t happen when playing the project

Also experiencing this bug.

@Vaz123, @planetzalex Thank you both for reporting this! I just pushed 2.18.2 with this fixed.

The bug snuck in with some performance optimizations we made in the 2.18.0 release.

@chris Hi, I’m actually still experiencing this bug. (did a hard refresh) Note selection actually appears to be worse; one note stayed lit as I arrow-keyed through a bar. Recording timing is off (first time that’s ever happened for me). Version says 2.18.2

@planetzalex. OK I will continue to investigate.

For recording timing - were you wearing Bluetooth headphones? I do that sometimes and the latency totally messes up recording.

Nope, was not using bluetooth headphones, everything wired.

@chris It’s still happening for me (I’m selecting the E chord but it’s not lighting up)

Also I don’t think it has to do with the number of measures but instead something else

@Vaz, I can’t reproduce that on 2.18.3. I tried doing this with a chord at beat 17 with everything before empty, and also with everything before full and can’t reproduce. Can you double-check you see this on 2.18.3?

I also did some chords that span segment and line boundaries to test the indexing counter. This also works for me. IV on first line, and I at end of first line extends to second line.

@chris I just updated and now it seems to be fine

@Vaz123, right on! Thanks for the confirmation.