Chord label bugs

In these scales applied V11 chords are incorrectly labelled like this:

Minor: rootm11(b9) e.g. em11(b9)
Dorian: rootm11 e.g. em11
Phrygian: rootm11(b5b9) e.g. em11(b5b9)
Lydian: ROOTmaj11 e.g. Emaj11
Mixolydian: rootm11 e.g. em11
Locrian: [NOTE A SEMITONE BELOW THE ROOT]maj9(#11) e.g. Ebmaj9(#11)
Harmonic minor: ROOT11(b9) e.g. E11(b9)
Phrygian dominant: rootm11(b5b9) e.g. Em11(b5b9)

In major however they are labelled correctly

In all scales, #V from supermode 7 is labelled in lower case in both the absolute and relative chord label even though the chord is actually major

Screenshot with both these bugs: