Chord feature suggestions

Thanks for the great work guys. I am loving Hookpad. Its a really quick way to try out ideas.
However, I would like to be able to insert any chromatic chord.
Like for example, substituting a iim7 with a bvim7. I have installed the midi controller software as i thought this would be a way to achieve this but it Hookpad doesn’t recognise any midi keyboards. Is this because this feature is not yet available despite the release of the midi controller software?

You can use any chords supported in Hookpad on every root pitch, given you borrow the correct mode from another correct relative mode. In particular, the relative Major and relative Locrian will allow all chords to be borrowed in some mode, as long as that chord type is supported (so you cannot, for example, use a fully diminished 7th chord).

The minor seventh chord on the ♭6 degree of Major mode, ♭vi♭7, can be accessed by switching to Lydian mode and then borrowing ♭iii7. When you go back to the Major mode you will have the a♭m7 chord that unfortunately sounds broken right now due to a Hookpad bug.

Thanks for your reply HertzDevil,
There is no bIII7 in Lydian mode. There is a minor 7 chord on the 3rd degree in Lydian & if i were to use that, i would get an E minor chord (assuming I’m writing in C Major) If i want an Abm7 chordI would need to borrow from a mode that has a minor 7 chord on its b6 degree. You can borrow from a mode with Hookpad but you can’t borrow from a mode in a different key, unless I’m missing something.

You borrow Locrian from Lydian, as in (assuming you were still in C Major originally)

Thank you for making such an effort to assist me HertzDevil.
That worked perfectly. I understand how modes work but i can’t get my head around how you managed to work that out. I understand that F Lydian has the same chords as C Major but how did you work out that you borrow from Locrian?