Chord Duration/ Length Of Sound

Apologizes if this has been asked before, I wasn’t able to find the answer searching the forum.
Thinking about getting the full version of hook theory but this one thing is bothering me. When I enter and chord and stretch it out over the entire duration of the measure, depending on the selected instrument, It only plays for a portion of the chord length. It is as if the sample uploaded for that chord ends. Is I not possible to sustain the chord for however long you see fit? I mean I could see if it was the next measure, but its the same measure and the chord tailors off. I have to place multiple instances of the chord to keep it going. Which means the sample starts over and the attack of the sounds is triggered again. Not the biggest deal but its kind of killing my flow. Any insight into this would be much appreciated.

Hey @TresBein,

What tempo are you using and what length chord are you using? Also which instrument setting are you using?

For slow tempos there are some chord lengths where the samples may not be long enough to sustain the entire duration. In the past we have discussed using longer samples (there is a tradeoff here with the time associated with download times), which would be easy for us to implement depending on the instrument. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m composing at about 90 BPM and stretching the chord over the entire duration of the available staff. The piano seems to be the only one that can play the entire duration. At any rate, thank you for your reply. It’s good to know that this is just a thing with the program. I would imagine it wouldn’t be and issue for most users.