Chord crush sound glitching

Every time I play continuously over 10 minutes, the sound starts glitching.

I am using chrome browser in a Android device.

I can only solve the problem by killing the chrome app process and restarting it, forcing the selected band sounds to be reloaded.

@MisterioPuntoRajoy thanks for the report. We haven’t seen this before but will do some testing.

I want to happily let you know that this bug is no longer happening to me.

I have given myself some time to rest from playing the last month so I can’t tell exactly which update did it for me.

These last days I started playing for longs periods of time again, and was very surprised to find no sound glitches or slutter in the audio.

I don’t know what you guys did, but amazing job!

Glad to hear! This is likely related to a similar issue we were seeing in Hookpad, please let us know if you experience it again

I have the same problem. I use safari. How to resolve this? Thanks!

@PatB occasionally we’ve also seen this in Safari but have not yet figured out a way to reproduce this, have you experienced this in other browsers like Firefox or Chrome?