Chord Crush - Please allow review/replay of successes as well as failures


In the Level Up section, if I miss a puzzle I can call for the solution and then replay it.

However, if I get the puzzle, then the system automatically goes on to the next w/o possibility of review/replay.

I would like to have the option to review/replay both successes and failures whenever desired, as repetition can be important to bringing home what otherwise might have been a semi-lucky guess!

If the same situation applies in other sections, then the comment/wish applies there too.



To elaborate -

The desire is to be able to play or loop play any of:

original presented puzzle (some blank chords)
correctly solved puzzle (solution filled in)
incorrectly solved puzzle (solution filled in)

all on equal terms.

I would say this is primarily (to me) for use when wanting to repeatedly practice chords or solo lines on my instrument(s) along with the presented progressions (which are excellent, IMO).

Secondarily, it would still be valuable in the ear training game context because solving the puzzle correctly (meaning not dragging an incorrect chord into place) does not by itself mean that you “really have it in your ear”.

Some of the time, and the moreso the more complex the puzzles get, it’s like “ah, so -that- progression sounds like -that-, let me listen to that on repeat a bit to help it sink in!”.

Programmatically, I guess/believe that this would not require a great effort to accomplish.

Practically, at this end, it would be TREMEDOUSLY helpful in day-to-day use.


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I agree this would be super useful.
Would think this to be an easy quick-win request, that hopefully is as easy as changing some navigation (in this case, don’t auto advance)? It would make sense to have this in settings or customize section.

Along the same lines, would LOVE if you could leave the chord icon/buttons on failures. This wouldn’t even need to be an option/custom thing, as it would not adversely effect the navigation/experience. I want to be able to “press” the buttons to hear the reference chords, but they disappear on puzzle failure. Just don’t hide them, perhaps?

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It seems this topic has been lost like tears in rain.

I would just like to say again how useful I would find it to be able to review/replay successes as well as failures.

I endorse leaving the chord icon/buttons up on failures (as the previous post suggests) as well.