Chord crush, last chord in progression not playing

I have found that, in some chord progressions the last chord fails to play.

I am using chrome browser in a Android device.

Do you find that this happens consistently on a given chord progression, or does it feel random? I’m wondering if this is associated with the other behavior you’re seeing after you’ve been playing a while.

No, I think it happened to me with certain progressions in the final levels of world 1, and always with the same ones, to the point that I memorized them, the one it comes to my mind ended like:
…IV IV __

And the last space had to be filled with a vi chord.

It had nothing to do with the glitched sound I think.

If it helps you in any way I can try to record the screen an try to reproduce it (same with the glitched sound one).

Appreciate your help on this, yes if you could catch it in a screen recording then that might help us reproduce it on our end. Ideal situation is a set of steps to reproduce bug, but I understand that’s not possible in this case.

I think there’s a chance that there might be a bug with specific puzzles, so if you come across this again and take a screenshot of the puzzle I can look it up and see if there’s anything suspicious about it.

I’ve seen this too, several times and not just the last chord but maybe the last half of a progression. I think I’ve only experienced it in Train, not in Level Up.
I also recall that if you request a replay, you get the same thing repeated, it still doesn’t sound the final chords.
I’ll watch out for it too and try to capture some clues for you.

That is a screenshot of one progression failing to reproduce the last chord.

I also have a video where you can see the bug in more depth (same for the glitched sound one), but I couldn’t find a way to upload videos, is there any?